STUDENT council

Mission: Empowering young leaders to oversee college programs and clubs, ensuring smooth conduct through collaboration with faculty.

The Student Council at MES BRS PU College facilitates student leadership through a democratic voting system to select office bearers. These leaders, along with class and sports representatives, undertake responsibilities to enhance the college experience. They coordinate with faculty to organize and execute various programs and club activities, fostering a vibrant campus community. By empowering students to take on leadership roles, the council promotes accountability, teamwork, and active participation in shaping the college’s culture and environment. Together, they work towards creating a conducive and enriching educational experience for all.

Student Council Members

College Secretary – BoyCollege Secretary – Girl
Cultural Secretary – BoyCultural Secretary – Girl
Sports Secretary – BoySports Secretary – Girl
Science Club Secretary – BoyScience Club Secretary – Girl
Commerce Club Secretary – BoyCommerce Club Secretary – Girl
Literary Club Secretary – BoyLiterary Club Secretary – Girl
NSS Secretary – BoyNSS Secretary – Girl
Rotaract Club Secretary – BoyRotaract Club Secretary – Girl