WELCOME TO mes prof. b.r. subba rao pu college

Our college, nestled amidst lush greenery, far away from the madding crowd, yet not losing touch with the main lances, began in the year 2006. A sister branch of MES Main College, it is very integral to Mysore Education society. We were named after Prof. B R Subba Rao, an eminent educationist who was one of the founders of MES and the first Principal of the MES College when it was established in 1956.

Our institution has carved a niche for itself in the field of education with a dedicated team of faculty members who strive diligently to make excellent education affordable. All our students are enlightened, upright and socially committed. Beginning with a modest student strength of forty, we now have a steady strength of 570. We offer Science and Commerce streams to further the capabilities of students, with holistic development towards creating a beautiful and ethical society to live in.

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To Enhance Existing Knowledge, Information, Learning Experience and Broaden the Mental Horizons of Students.


To Strive for Quality Education and Prepare Young Minds to Inculcate Knowledge, Skills and Humanity.


Dedicated to Achieve Excellence in Education

Why choose Us?

Principal's Desk

Struggle today for a better tomorrow, Hard work pays you should always know. No matter how tough may seem the climb, Keep moving, Keep fighting, One at a time. Perseverance and patience go a long way. Because for the sunrise, even, The longest nights make way. Our college stands testimony to the above meaningful words. After a decade and a half of excellence, toil, dedication and vision MES Prof. B R Subba Rao PU College is at the acme in the world of education..

Principal's Desk

Smt. Sridevi M S

M.Sc, M.Phil.B.Ed, PGDCA


Trailblazing Education since 2006

Igniting Minds, Embracing Tradition! At MES BRS PU, we cultivate a passion for knowledge, creativity, and civic duty while honoring our rich cultural heritage. Committed to excellence, we offer quality education at an affordable cost. Join us in shaping tomorrow’s leaders, where every student’s potential is nurtured and celebrated. Welcome to a journey of holistic development and endless possibilities.

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Courses Offered

Whether you’re inclined towards the intricacies of science or the dynamic realm of commerce, our institution offers comprehensive programs designed to nurture your intellect and pave the way for a successful future. From foundational subjects to specialized areas of study, our science and commerce streams provide a stimulating learning environment where you can explore, innovate, and excel.











Computer Science




Business Studies


Computer Science



Business Studies



Our Achievers

Congratulations to our academic achievers who make both us and their parents proud. It’s their dedication and hard work, combined with our regular guidance and knowledge transfer that leads to their success.

Voices of Success: Student Testimonials

“Self-belief and hard work lead to success. Stay determined, persevere through challenges, and learn from setbacks. Focus on goals, trust your abilities, and keep pushing forward. Your dedication will pave the way for triumph.”

"I'm Aishwarya M from MES Prof. B.R SUBBA RAO PU College. Securing the 7th rank in the state in my 2nd PUC board exam is a milestone I owe to my parents and teachers. Their unwavering support propelled me forward. My teachers' guidance and mentorship were invaluable; they believed in me when I doubted myself. Campus life, from study sessions to extracurriculars, fostered my learning and growth. The journey to this achievement wasn't devoid of challenges, but with my college's unwavering support, I persisted. Their belief in me served as a beacon of hope. I extend heartfelt gratitude to my teachers and college for their role in my success and for providing quality education at affordable fees."


Science, PCMB (2022-24 Batch)
Marks 592/600 : State 7th Rank

"I am Bhoomika V Kashyap, an alumnus of MES Prof. B R Subba Rao PU College. Though not originally from the MES group, the college environment felt both new and familiar. Meeting Vice Principal Savitri ma’am for admission left a lasting impression. The sense of belonging made my decision easy. Throughout my time here, the lecturers have been incredibly supportive, guiding me through every doubt. Opportunities to showcase my talents in various events enriched my experience. The college's focus on holistic development ensured a balance between studies and extra-curriculars, alleviating stress. What started as shyness transformed into cherished friendships and countless memories. As we step into the world beyond, I hope we remain true to our values. My deepest gratitude to the teachers and staff for their unwavering support and for shaping us with morals and values. Thank you."


Science, PCMB (2022-24 Batch)
Marks 587/600 : State 12th Rank

"I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and guidance you provided throughout my journey as a student in the 2022-24 batch. The inspiring faculties at the college have been instrumental in my academic success. Their passion for teaching and genuine care for their students have not only helped me excel in my studies but have also inspired me to reach for greater heights. Additionally, I am immensely grateful for the friendships I have formed, the bonds I've forged with my classmates. They have made my college experience truly special. It's been a joy to learn and grow alongside such amazing individuals. Furthermore, I appreciate the encouragement and opportunities you've provided for extracurricular activities. These experiences have allowed me to explore my interests and talents beyond the classroom, contributing to my overall development."


Science, PCMB (2022-24 Batch)
Marks 580/600 : State 19th Rank

"My journey with MES BRS PU College has been incredible. From engaging in curricular to co-curricular activities like Fresher's/Talent's Day and Commerce fest, every moment was memorable. The teachers, especially from Commerce 2D Batch 2022-2024, were amazing, always available for support and guidance. The non-teaching staff was equally helpful. Sports facilities here are top-notch, making it a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts seeking quality education. Teachers encourage participation in various activities, fostering holistic development. Educational programs further motivate students to enhance their skills. Gratitude to all teachers for their inspiration and guidance in helping us soar higher in life. Thank you!"


Commerce, EBACs(2022-24 Batch)
Marks 587/600 : State 11th Rank

"I'm Sinchana Suresh, a student at MES Prof B R Subbarao PU College. This college holds a special place in my heart as it's been instrumental in shaping my skills and Pre University years. It offers abundant opportunities for every student to excel, not just academically but in all aspects. From academic excellence to nurturing diverse interests, the college's focus on holistic development is commendable. The extracurricular activities, competitions, and cultural programs are inspiring and contribute to overall growth. I'm grateful to my principal, teachers, and non-teaching staff for their unwavering support, which helped me succeed in the PU Examination. MES institutions are more than just educational; they're nurturing communities where learning and growth thrive. They're beacons of opportunity, shaping futures, and fostering lasting bonds."


Commerce, EBAS (2022-24 Batch)
Marks 586/600 : State 12th Rank

"In the halls of MES PROF. B.R.SUBBA RAO PU COLLEGE, minds ignite with wisdom's flame, shining bright. Each lesson unveils a universe of possibilities, setting us free to dream, discover, and become. Reflecting on my journey, gratitude fills me for transformative experiences and valuable lessons. From day one, warmth and belonging greeted me, fostering an environment of learning and growth. Dedicated faculty, passionate about teaching, guided us with care, instilling values of integrity and compassion. Holistic education encouraged exploration, extracurricular pursuits, and community service. Lifelong friendships formed, laughter shared, bonds forged. As I embark on the next chapter, cherished memories, lifelong friendships, and invaluable lessons accompany me. MES PROF. B.R.SUBBA RAO PU COLLEGE is more than walls; it's a community, a family, a home away from home"


Commerce, EBAS (2022-24 Batch)
Marks 571/600